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Jayesh Bhatia

Ahmedabad is well connected by Air, Rail and Road. It is also one of India's fastest growing international airports. In fact prestigious airlines are queuing up with applications to the Indian Government to fly in and out of Ahmedabad International Airport.

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Domestic Airlines

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There are plenty of options for cheap flights to and from Ahmedabad.  Here are just a few of them. To travel by Air, your best choice is to check online schedules or all the airlines mentioned below. Also try searching Ahmedabad Airport website and Indian Airlines and Air India websites.

You can check for the Flight Availability from Ahmedabad to any destination of your choice and plan the onward journey accordingly as you need. Gujaratis and people with interest at heart of Gujarat may also want to check out Gujarat Airways.

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International Airlines flying into and out of Ahmedabad

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From Singapore: Singapore Airlines

From Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Airlines

From London and Dubai direct, LA and New York via Mumbai: Air India

From Manchester: SAS

From Muscat, Kuwait, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi direct: Indian Airlines

Note 1: Pending applications are from Thai Airways for flights to/from Bangkok, from ANA/JAL for flights to Tokyo Narita or Osaka.

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