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Getting around in Ahmedabad is easy. Normal taxis (black and yellow cabs like in Mumbai) are rare. Ahmedabad uses so called luxury taxies, which are private taxis. Buses are popular amongst people with some local knowledge however almost everyone speaks working English and it is easy to travel if you ask other people and have some rough idea of where you want to go by a bus. Otherwise stick to rickshaws, they are most famous and easy form of local tourist transport. There is a pressing need for Ahmedabad to develop scooters (two-wheelers) for hire on a full day basis. It is surprising that such an enterprising town has not yet worked this out! Even small towns like Diu have this facility in Gujarat!

Rickshaws or Three-Wheelers

The most popular and cheap transport is a Rickshaw or a three-wheeler that was famously shown in a James Bond movie. Rickshaws operate on a fare chart that every Rickshaw driver has. Make sure of two things. One that the driver sets the meter to zero every time you board a rickshaw. Second that the chart is shown to you when paying. Often charts are outdated and a mark up (multiply by) factor applies. It is good if you work it out once and then you can apply it again when you travel by a rickshaw in near future.

Luxury or Private Taxis

Often they can be hired for full day with chauffer and the charges are few rupees a kilometre plus certain extras like meals, overtime or beyond minimum Kms a day.


Local buses are run by Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS). Their schedule is not usually publicly known and their timing are notorious. Also they are often overcrowded.

Shared Rickshaws:

Since about 2000, shared rickshaws with multiple travellers have become popular and they connect point-to-point between most often travelled traffic points. Ask a local for the nearest stop to embark and disembark from. Fixed rates apply between points. Waiting is necessary for full loading.

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Now its very easy and time saving tansportation mode in Ahmedabad. brts buses running on special track. within 2 years BRTS covering most of landscape of Ahmedabad but one problem in this mode it is not use for point-point transportation. overall its really good..

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