Gujarat Travel Guide

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Thol GR8 Place

Thol GR8 Place

Tanmay Mistri

Gujarat features a wonderful picturesque landscape which you can explore thoroughly with the help of this Gujarat Travel Guide. Here are a few pointers why you need to visit this great place in India.

Great Destination

This vibrant state has a lot on offer vacationers and adventure seekers. Gujarat is dotted with several beautiful and historical sites. This state is located on the western coast of India. Extended coastline, ancient temples and rich historical legacy will captivate you during your sojourn in Gujarat. Large numbers of tourists are paying visits to Gujarat to experience the great diversity in costumes and lifestyle. Various tour and travel operators are there who offer refreshing holiday packages to the tourists.

Art and Crafts

Gujarat is famous for jewelry, textiles, crafts and embroidery work. You can find people wearing colorful clothes with lots of mirror work and laces. Ornaments made of beads are also famous here. All these reflect the lively culture of this state. Moreover tourists can buy stone work, silverware, metal-ware, and terracotta handicrafts at affordable rates.  Bandhni work is another popular product of Gujarat. 


For adventure seekers, Gujarat offers an exotic range of wildlife. Gir National Park is home to Asiatic lion. Wildlife enthusiasts can watch Sambar deer, Nilgai, four-horned antelope, jackals and wild boars in the backwoods. Spreading over 1412 sq km, this wildlife sanctuary is covered with evergreen, mixed deciduous and semi-green forests. Another marvelous wildlife attraction is Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary. You can indulge in bird watching here. Birds like Brahminy ducks, rosy pelicans, heron and white storks can be spotted here.

Major Attractions

The state boasts of a rich architectural heritage. While you travel to Gujarat, you will witness several historical forts, impressive palaces and havelis. Laksmi Vilas Palace, Naulakha Palace, Aina Mahal, Sabarmati Ashram, Tribal Museum, Somnath Temple, Dwarka Temple, and Sahasralinga Talav must be visited on Gujarat tour.


There are several hotels and resorts to make your stay comfortable at Gujarat. Ranging from five-star hotels to budget hotels, all are available for tourists and business travelers. These hotels offer flexible services. Equipped with modern amenities like spas, restaurants, bars, round-the-clock room service and many more, these hotels offer comfort and convenience at cheap rates. Some of the popular hotels include Hotel President, White Rose, Appolo, and Express Hotel.


Gujarat is one the most prosperous states in India, forming as it does the most industrialised corridor between the Town of Mehsana in North Gujarat and Bombay in Maharashtra. Its original wealth stemmed from its roots in textile industry that is now nearly dead and defunct. However, due to that history, some of the world's best textiles and dress materials are still found only in Gujarat.

Gujarat is also the home to the almost extinct Asaiatic Lions. If there is just one reason you need to visit Gujarat, it will have to be the lions- the only wild population outside of Africa, and fast vanishing due to lack of variation in the gene pool.

Another reason to visit Gujarat will have to be its rich culinary interests. Gujarti cuisine is one of the best tasting vegetarian cuisine in the world. Famous varieties include Dhokla, Khandavi, Khaman, Khakhara, Shakkarpara, Muthia, Bajri Vada and Bajri Dhebra. Gujarati sweets are also as famous, as are Gujarati Rotlas.

Third reason to visit Gujarat will have to be its rich shopping of exquisite clothes, textiles and hand made or woven or hand decorated fabrics and clothes, beddings and wall decorations.

Gujarat is a study in contrasts - Between Tribal Culture and Modern Cities, Between the Desert and the Seas and between a Rural based and Urban Economy.

With the longest coastline of any state in India, Gujarat is perhaps the last of the unspoilt tourist destinations. Mandvi, in the district of Kutch and Ahmedpur in southern Junagarh district are great sea side getaways.

Rich in Archeology, Dholavira and Lothal are two of the largest and well preserved sites of the later Indus Valley Civilisation.

The Temple of Somnath, in Junagarh district, Sarkhej Roza, Jhulta Minar and Sidi Sayed Jali in the heart of Ahmedabad (Gujarats largest city) are wonders of medieval architecture which are easily missed by the tourist community due to lack of proper marketing.

Also worth a look are The Sun Temple in Modhera (90 km north of Ahmedabad) and Rani ni Vav (Stepwells, again around 100 km north of Ahmedabad).

This state is worth a stop and easy to stay in with great infrastructure and diverse ways to interest a discerning tourist

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