When to Go in Delhi

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In order to maximize the enjoyment of your holiday, it is important to consider the time of year in which you are visiting Delhi. Weather conditions can have a great impact on your traveling experience.


Delhi's inland geographical location results in distinct changes between seasons. Summer is extremely hot and temperatures can reach 43 C. There are hot and dry winds during this time which contribute to the heat. Summer is from April until June, and it is recommended to avoid traveling during the summer season as the sweltering heat can be unbearable. It also makes it unpleasant to explore and visit tourist attractions under the unrelenting sun.

July until September is monsoon season and Delhi experiences heavy rains. Precipitation levels are usually around 7.9 inches per month. During monsoon season the heat is still extreme and humidity levels are high. The heavy rains also make it difficult to site see and can disrupt travel plans. Mobile services can also go down in heavy rains therefore making it difficult to make arrangements.

Autumn falls in the months of October and November. Delhi in autumn is a pleasant time to visit and enjoy the cool air.

December till February is winter and the temperatures can drop as low as 7 C. Nights can get very cold. Fog is experienced during winter which may lead to postponed flights. Depending on what weather you enjoy, this could be a good time to visit Delhi.

In February, March and April the city starts to blossom and Spring starts. Spring is a good time to visit Delhi.

Due to the weather conditions Autumn and Spring are the best months to visit Delhi and are considered high season for tourists. October, November, February, March, April are therefore good months to explore Delhi.


The dates of festivals needs to be taken into account when deciding when to go to Delhi. As Delhi is the capital of India, there is a diverse range of cultures creating many different festivals that are celebrated during the year. Festivals will enable you to immerse yourself in local culture.

Held on the 13th January, Lohori is a festival which celebrates the end of winter. The Kite Flying Festival is held in January and attracts participants from all over India. Enjoy traditional music and dance at the Thyagaraja Festival during February. Maha Shivratri is celebrated in March with rituals, prayers and fasting.

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