Top 5 Must Do's in Delhi

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Delhi is the capital city of India, and as a major commercial and political hub, it is home to people from all corners of the country. You will see many aspects of India in Delhi, with its vast diversity in culture, tradition and religion. Your trip to Delhi will be incomplete without these 5 must do’s.

Take a tour of the Red Fort

This is a must visit for those interested in history of India. You can gather a lot of information about the Mughal style of architecture and history here. Situated in the Old Delhi area of Delhi, Red Fort is one of the most impressive heritage sites of Delhi. Built by Shah Jahan, this famous fort has lot of attractions which will give you insight to the lifestyle of The Mughal Emperors.

Watch the Iron Tower at Qutub Minar

This is another historic monument that is a must see in Delhi. Built by Qutub-ud-din Aibak this monument represents the highest stone tower in the country and is one of the major tourist site in Delhi.

Get fascinated at Akshardham Temple

Located in eastern part of Delhi, you will find the Akshardham Temple premises a piece of art. This is a must see for those who are interested in architecture and designs. This massive temple complex is spread across an area of 23 acres and is a unique combination of art, education, exhibition and devotion in one place. The scenic beauty of the landscaping has captivated many visitors here. You can also enjoy many cultural activities within the temple that will fascinate you for life.

See the colors of India at Dilli Haat

This is one place where you can get food and handicrafts from all states of the country. Situated in South Delhi, this place is a popular destination of youngsters and adults alike. You can watch the craftsmen at work in the stalls or enjoy the popular cuisine of any state. This complex also organizes cultural programs and handloom exhibitions of different states. 

Take a peaceful walk at Rajghat

Rajghat is the cremation site of The Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Situated on the banks of Yamuna River, the entire area is very peaceful. The area also has cremation sites of well known leaders of India like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi in the vicinity.

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