Senior Travel in Delhi

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There are many sight seeing tours and activities for seniors traveling to Delhi which you can take advantage of. The city has a very friendly and caring attitude towards seniors, so if you are planning a trip here you are sure to enjoy your visit completely.

Temple Tour in Delhi

Delhi is home to people practicing many different religions and faiths. Most of these sites are easily accessible and do not require much physical exertion. The best part of the tours is that you get to see secular India. You need not be spiritual to take this tour; you can enjoy the marvelous architecture and designs of the temples without practicing in ceremonies. Most of these temples have refreshment corners and parks where you can rest whenever you feel it necessary.

Birla Mandir

Located in Central Delhi, this is one of the oldest temples in Delhi and it is a landmark in modern Indian architecture. It is also popularly known as Laxmi Narayan Temple.

Lotus Temple

Located in South Delhi, this is the biggest temple of the Bhai Faith in the Indian sub-continent, and is open to all religions and faiths. The architecture of the temple is lotus shaped, and is marvelously set against the lush green surroundings of the complex.

Akshardham Temple

Located in East Delhi, this is another major tourist attraction in India. The entire complex is a combination of devotion, art, education, research and exhibition. The architecture is magnificent as are the available tours.


Located in Southern Delhi, this is one of the popular centers of worship of The Lord Krishna, of Hare Rama Hare Krishna cult. The temple is built on a hilltop and has many views of the surrounding landscapes.

Forts and Monuments Tour

Delhi has a very rich history and there are many historical monuments to see. Most of these destinations are easily accessible and the winter sun makes the entire tour very enjoyable. Most of these places have beautiful landscapes and parks where you can rest whenever necessary.

Nightlife in Delhi

Delhi has a very active night life. There are several renowned pubs and lounges in the city where you can relax and rewind. You can also enjoy a multi-cuisine dinner at a renowned restaurant, or go out for a late night movie at the multiplex.  

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