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Dehli is the capital of India and is the biggest city in size and the second largest in population. Dehli has played an important role in India's history because of its geographic location. It is the gateway to central Asia and formed the travel routes for Buddhist monks and Mauryan soldiers. There is evidence that Dehli was inhabited since 6th century BC. There are many archeological artifacts that leave clues to Dehli's tumultuous history.

Mahabharata Era

During the era of Mahabharata, Delhi consisted of barren land which was then developed into the city of Indraprastha. The estimated date that the city was founded is 2500 B.C. Other cities formed in the neighboring areas, which over time, merged to form the city of Dehli. A village named after the city Indraprastha existed until it was destroyed by the British to form New Dehli. Archeological evidence suggests that Indraprastha existed where the Old Fort stands in current times.

Mughal Rule

In the middle of the 16th century Dehli came under Mughal rule and became part of the Mughal empire. During this period many historical monuments were constructed that can still be visited today. The Mughals ruled India over 3 centuries.

British Rule

During 1803 the British came into power and in 1857 set up their rule from Calcutta. In 1911 the capital was once again moved from Calcutta to Dehli. New Dehli was designed by a British architect to make a place for the government buildings.


Dehli was central to India's fight for freedom and still bears marks of this struggle. In 1947 India became independent and New Dehli was officially declared the capital of India. During the partitioning of the area the British ruled over many Hindus, and Sikhs sought refuge in Dehli. This contributes to Dehli's rich culture diversity. Colonial buildings, remnant of British rule, can still be seen in Dehli today.

Modern Day

Dehli today is a bustling city that is full of cultural diversity. As well as being the capital of India it is also a vital part of India's economy. Due to its economic growth there are job opportunities in Dehli that draw people to the city, increasing the population of the city. The population growth has put strain on the city's infrastructure, making the city congested.

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