Family Travel Ideas in Delhi

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The city of Delhi, at first glance, does not seem like a great vacation destination for families. However, there is actually a wide variety of entertaining activities for everyone to enjoy, and some that are made specifically for children. Therefore, on your vacation to Delhi, family travel is highly recommended.

National Children's Museum

This dynamic, interactive museum was created to teach kids about India's culture in an exciting, attention-grabbing way. There are many different sections to the museum, some explaining India's history and traditional culture, others emphasizing India's advancements in science and technology, others dealing with the importance of religion in India, and still others highlighting visual art and the performing arts. Colorful artifacts and interesting audio visual displays make the National Children's Museum a winner with every family.

Bahai Temple

This serene temple will mesmerize the older children in your family. It is a smooth, white marble temple set among lakes, trees, and wide, grassy areas. The temple is sometimes called the Lotus Temple due to its shape, which is similar to that of a Lotus flower. It looks so unreal, and so serene, that it is impossible not to be charmed. Inside of the Bahai Temple is complete silence. It is not recommended to bring any little children who could disrupt the silence and peacefulness for which the temple is known.

Appu Ghar

Appu Ghar is the oldest theme park and water park in all of India. It features  roller coasters, ferris wheels, bumper cars, and water slides that kids and adults of all ages are sure to enjoy. It is like India's version of Disney World. Some of the rides include the Big Splash, the Eerie Tunnel, and the Giant Wheel. To beat the heat, there is nothing better than to go to the ice section of the water park. Since snow and ice are such novelties in India, there is a whole area where you can go sledding, ice bowling, skiing, and much more.

Garden of the Five Senses

This 20-acre park is sure to capture your family's attention. Walk up the spiral path and be enticed by rich aromas of flowers and plants, the fiber-optically illuminated fountains, the color gardens and the texture gardens enhanced by layers of climbing plants. The park also has a food court, a shopping area and an amphitheater to enjoy.

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