A visit to Spice Market of Old Delhi

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In the Indian metropolis of Delhi, where fast-paced, cell-phone toting characters out of Monsoon Wedding live side by side with barefoot rickshaw wallahs cycling past roaming cows in the road, you will visit the largest spice market in all of Asia, the bustling Khari Baoli bazaar. 


At once, all our senses were over-stimulated to an amplified level. Open air shops on both sides of the road displayed sackcloth bags filled with pungent spices, bushels of fragrant flowers, nuts and sticky dried fruits, mountains of bright orange turmeric, mouth-watering sweets, gallons of gooey ghee and enough tea to steep the Indian ocean. One could barely breath.  The intense combination of indiscernible aromas oscillated our insides between gagging nausea and voracious hunger.


* Duration : 2 hours (conducted on a tri-cycle rickshaw)

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address:Indian Routes, Select CityWalk, Saket, New Delhi - 110017, INDIA

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