A visit to Academy of Indian Classical Music, Varanasi

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The origin of Hindustani classical music can be traced back to Vedic times, nearly five thousand years ago. Some say its origin is far older, lost in the mists of distant times and places beyond the lives and memories of humankind. Sanskrit writings ascribe its genealogy to a period in remote antiquity. There, it is written, this music was originally “the language of the gods.”

From this obscure point of indeterminate origin, it evolved over thousands of years in temples and spiritual traditions throughout the Indian subcontinent. And many centuries ago, it moved from the temples into the palaces of the kings and queens of India, who were its most fervent and avid patrons. The music of the temples, adapting to it’s new environment in the courts of worldly kings, began also to express the regal and earthly sensibilities of the imperial court.

Later, during the cultural influx and imperial dominion of the Persian and Muslim kings, it underwent yet another metamorphosis: Enriched by the playful, improvisatory, and carnal aires favored by the Persian and Islamic musical masters, the genius of the ecstatic music from Persia began consorting with the traditions of sacred music in India. And it was a fruit-full union indeed, resulting today in the many branches of Hindustani music that bless Northern India –and now even more of the world-- with the vibrancy of musical mysteries and melodies that both echo and live from another time…another world.


Duration : 4 hours

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