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Camel rides on Devka Beach

Camel rides on Devka Beach

Deepak Amembal

Daman, which used to be a Portuguese territory, became part of India with Goa and Diu in 1961. The Portuguese had taken control of Daman in 1531.

Daman and Diu now make up the Union Territory of Daman and Diu and are governed from Delhi.

The Daman Ganga river divides the town in half. In the southern part of the city known as Moti Daman (or Big Daman) is the old Portuguese area where the government buildings and old churches are located. A large wall surrounds it. Most of the hotels are located in the northern part of the city, Nani Daman (Little Daman).

Liquor is cheap and freely available, hence Daman is a big bar for the residents of neighbouring dry state of Gujarat. In the park and on the beach you will find hawkers peddling beer and nuts on the sly.

Daman is also being promoted as a conference and rest and recreation center for the Corporates in the industrial belt of Vapi just across the border.


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