When to Go in Silvassa

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Those interested in wild life and eco-tourism should never miss an opportunity to visit the beautiful capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Silvassa. When to Go is always a big question in the mind of tourists. Read below to learn about your options.

Sivassa Geography

Situated in the foothills of the Western Ghats in India, Silvassa is a major tourist hub for trekkers. It is well known for its tribal population and wild life. Home to cascading water falls, meandering rivers, and lush green forest areas, this small town is a paradise for nature lovers.

Silvassa is located near Arabian Sea and the Daman Ganga River. Both play a significant role in the weather condition of the town.

When to Go

Due to its proximity to the sea, Silvassa experiences relatively unvarying climate conditions throughout the year. Summers here are mostly warm, and winters are cool. Rainfall is scant in the region, which makes it very favorable for touring throughout the year. You can pack your bags and visit this beautiful town whenever you'd like.


Summer in Silvassa starts in March and lasts until May. The temperature ranges from 25 to 39 degrees centigrade, with May recording the highest temperatures. However, if you are used to touring in extreme temperatures then visiting Silvassa will not be a problem during this time of the year. You can enjoy The National Tribal Art and Food Festival in the month of May.


Monsoon lasts from June to August, with low rainfall due to the Western Ghats. Therefore, this is also pleasant time to visit Silvassa. This is also the time when you can participate in the Monsoon Magic Festival, which starts in June. Activities include Monsoon Cross Country Run, Monsoon Raga (musical concert), rain dance and Monsoon Moments.


Winter is the best time to visit. The season lasts from November to February, with temperatures very pleasant for outdoor activities. Apart from Holi, Navratras and Diwali, you can also participate in the Tarpa Festival in the month of December. Activities in Tarpa Festival include boating, a tattoo painting competition, swimming, and much more. It is the festival that highlights tribal culture and tradition. The Kite Festival in the month of January is another great attraction for the tourists.

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