Top 5 Must Do's in Silvassa

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Silvassa Must-Do's will take the traveler on a safari of peace and tranquility. Here, life takes it own pace and coaxes the visitor to roll with the flow. Still, when you are in Silvassa must-do's are filled with adventure and will leave you inspired, breathless and longing to return.

Visit Tribal Museum

This museum has a great collection of tribal masks made from wood and bamboo. Exhibits consist of hunting tools, fishing equipment, great ornaments and framing equipment. If you cannot get out to mingle with the locals in Silvassa, then tour this museum and acquire a little bit of knowledge about the local people and their way of life.

Explore Church of Our Lady of Piety

The Portuguese built this grand building in 1889 and it has a superb rendition of the Last Supper. It will thrill the traveler and instill a greater respect for history and art which are always important to the Indian people. A feast for the Lady of Piety is held every year in late October. Join in this feast and see the the lights in the church accentuate the painting of the Last Supper.

Enjoy the Lion Safari Park at Vesona

This park is home to some African lions that are kept in a green enclosure. This park covers an area of 20 hectares and three lions have been brought from the Gir Forest. Transportation through the park is provided in guided tours. See the lions that roam freely and catch a glimpse or two of the deer that live there as well. 

Enjoy Water Sports

If the laid back ways are too relaxing, venture over to Dhuni just outside of Silvassa. Enjoy a day with jet skis boats, speed boats and kayaking, a great way to spend the day and enjoy some leisure time in and out of the water. Take a picnic lunch, row a boat or kick back with your hat over your eyes and relax.

Island Garden and Van Ganga Lake

This area surprises and delights the visitor with its wooden bridges, trails lined with flowers and a beautiful lake. Take a tour of the garden or rent a row boat for a couple of hours and sit on the lake and enjoy watching the daily life happening on the shores. Wander through the thatched huts and food shops along the shore. It is the place that should not be missed.

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