Things to do in Silvassa

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There are several Silvassa things to do that should not be missed in this town located on the west coast of India. Silvassa is an industrial hub for India as the city has many factories and is mainly a manufacturing center. Besides the industry there are many gardens and historic places to visit. The Wari culture originated here and it was once a Portuguese colony which has created an Indo-Portuguese culture.

Do Not Miss the Gardens

The gardens and forests near Silvassa are the main tourist draw and the Hirwa Van Gardens should not be missed. Hirwa translates to "green forest." You can reach the Hirwa Van gardens by taking the Silvassa to Dadra Road. It is a perfect spot to stop for a picnic lunch and enjoy the waterfalls, arches and stone walls. The lawn is planted with a range of colorful flowers. This garden is completely man-made but has enough beautiful spots for you to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the gardens.

The Island Garden is just outside of the city and has been planted around a small lake. This garden has been featured in several Bollywood films so it may be familiar. There are waves of colored flowers flowing together, beautiful wooden bridges to walk over, real thatched huts and plenty of paths for those that love to walk. You also can rent a paddle boat to go out on the lake.

Experience the Safari

A great day for everyone is a visit to the Lion Safari Wildlife Park. This park is in the wildlife sanctuary and has been surrounded by a wall. You will ride in a caged vehicle and view the Asiatic lions. This can be quite thrilling for those never having been on safari before.

The Beauty of Dudhi

Actually getting to Dudhi may be the best part as the road has gorgeous scenery and plenty of bends and curves to make it exciting. Dudhi has the Damanganga River. There are plenty of water leisure sports available at the Madhuban dam. You also can relax and enjoy the view as the elegance and natural beauty of the surroundings make it a popular tourist spot.

A Bit of Portuguese History

There are actually many Catholic churches in town due to the influx of Portuguese. The Our Lady of Piety church was built at the end of the 19th century by the Portuguese. The church itself is quite magnificent with gorgeous external archways. It is also a reminder of the dominance of the Portuguese on this area before independence.

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