Senior Travel in Silvassa

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Silvassa Senior Travel has lots of sight seeing places and activities to enjoy. The small town is well known for its wild natural beauty and tribal culture. The place is very peaceful and safe for travel.

Senior Accommodation

While choosing your hotel, you must keep the location in mind so that you do not stay away from your place of interest in the town. Damanganga Valley Resort in Sivassa is an ideal accommodation for the seniors. Along with a doctor and an on-call facility, they also have a mini bar and private balcony in each room. You can enjoy your drink with the spectacular view of the river and the garden from the balcony.

Senior Sight Seeing Places

Island Garden and Van Ganga Lake

Situated just 4 kms from Silvassa, this spectacular garden is built around the Van Ganga Lake. Complete with wooden bridges, colorful flowers and walking trails, this beautiful garden is one of the must see places in Silvassa. The ambiance here is very peaceful and brings you close to nature. If you get tired while walking the trails, you can rest a while under the thatched roof open huts or go boating in the lake. The garden remains closed on Tuesday.

Our Lady of Piety Church

The region was under Portuguese rule before independence and therefore the culture and monuments here still show their traces. Our Lady of Piety Church is the testimony of the Portuguese architecture. Built in 1889, this Roman Catholic Church has magnificent interiors and exteriors. This is one of the main attractions of the city and is situated near the Bus Stand.

Tribal Culture Museum

This is the place for those interested to know the tribal culture in Silvassa. The museum showcases everything starting from ornaments, masks, weapons used by them for hunting and fishing to their clothing style, kitchen items and agricultural tools. In short, you can get a glimpse of the tribal life. Also, the museum highlights the festivals and ceremonies celebrated by the tribes in the region. Located just near the Tourist Information Center it is a great place to visit.

Lion Safari Wildlife Park

Home to Asiatic lions, this wildlife park in Silvassa is a must-see for wildlife lovers. However, the safari can be very hectic as the jungle safari is very hectic. Unless very enthusiastic, one should avoid this safari as the glimpse of the lion is not guaranteed after such a tiresome tour.

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