Museums in Silvassa

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The city of Silvassa seems an unlikely destination with a confusion of industry within the Indian Union Territory, conjuring images of smoke, iron and massive machinery. But Silvassa Museums disprove the cliche. With their offerings of culture and artistry, they are a welcomed diversion among all the industrial images.

The Tribal Cultural Museum

With a prolific collection of masks, costumes, instruments and more, the Tribal Cultural Museum is the ultimate representation of Silvassa. From ancient weaponry to hand-carved marionettes, visitors will be immersed in heritage. While warehouses and market signs may dominate now, the past is filled instead with vibrant colors. They are all proudly on display here. Guests are not required to schedule tours. Tickets can be purchased at any time.

The Bindrabin Temple

Settled on the banks of the River Sakartod, the Bindrabin Temple is located just beyond the borders of town. It is not, however, to be ignored by travelers. This impressive structure is a tribute to the Lord Shiva and, though it may be ancient, it is no less relevant. Men and women trek there each morning to offer prayers. Caution will be needed, however, and good sense. This is an important religious site. Any tour must be self-guided and self-restrained. It is worth the effort, though, as there few attractions than can fully embody the religious and cultural influences on Silvassa.

Silvassa Museums are not many but they can be found. Search for them among the factory whirls and learn of the past.

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