Festivals in Silvassa

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Silvassa Festivals are no less than any other festivals which are celebrated by Hindus, Muslims and Christians in India. However the tribal festivals are traditional and distinct. And the tourism department also hosts lots of events to attract tourists. This is the best time to travel in Silvassa as you can be part of great excitement and fun.

National Tribal Art and Food Festival

The festival is celebrated from May 1 to 7. For art lovers this is the perfect time to plan a trip to Silvassa. Tribal artists from all over the country come here to participate. You can see and buy various art forms here like Madubani, Kangra Valley, Varli paintings. Also the food festival serves various tribal cuisine from all over India.

Tarpa Festival

Tarpa is a popular folk dance of Dadra and Nagar Haveli which is a distinct dance of the Varli, Kokna and Koli tribes in the region. This festival is celebrated from December  23 to 31 throughout the region; however Silvassa is the major hub of this event. The festival highlights tribal culture and various tribal events of the region.

Nariyeli Purnima

This festival is celebrated in the month of August to pay homage to the sea god to keep the fishermen safe throughout the year. The fisherwomen dresse up in their best clothing and offer naivedyam and pooja to the sea god. The whole day is celebrated in singing, dancing and feasting. This is also the time when Raksha Bandhan, the festival of the  brother and sister, is celebrated throughout the country.

Monsoon Magic Festival

With the arrival of monsoon the region gets ready to celebrate the Monsoon Magic Festival. It is celebrated from July 14 to August 15. The entire month hosts various events and competition in Silvassa and tourists as well as locals love to participate in this festival. Highlights are musical concerts, rain dance, monsoon paintings and monsoon sports. This is the best time to visit Silvassa.

Kite Festival

Every year during the time of Makar Sankranti, which is celebrated in the month of January, the town celebrates the kite festival. Kites of various shapes, sizes and colors adorn the sky. It is a spectacular sight. Tourists are encouraged to participate in this event and bring their own kites. Several competitions are held during this time. It is great time to watch the kites flying high in the sky.

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