Eating Out in Silvassa

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There are several items that you can add as memoir to your trip in Silvassa Shopping. Kilvani Road is the main shopping center here with small shops lined up on both the sides of the road. As Silvassa is mostly known as place of tribal culture and forest do not expect big shopping centers here.

Warli Paintings

Silvassa is well known for Warli Paintings. It is an ancient Indian folk art tradition of painting and is named after a Maharashtrian tribe. It is believed that the art originated in Maharashtra. The paintings mostly depict the harvest season, wedding and birth which all symbolizes new chapter in life. These paintings are characterized by its pattern of colors which are mostly white against earthen colors and geometric designs. Usually the painting depicts the socio-religious customs of the folk tribe.

Silvassa is the hub of these paintings. You can get it from the art and handicrafts shops in the market. Usually the prices are fixed and it is better to know the rates beforehand. You can do that by asking the Tourist Information Center or the hotel help desk.

Other Items

Silvassa shopping among other items include the smoking pipes made by the tribal. These pipes are made of beautifully carved woods by the tribal craftsmen of the region. Even if you are not a smoker this beautiful piece of art form can add up your living room. Tribal men and women use this for smoking to relax themselves after hectic day work. Sitting in the cool breeze in the evening and smoking with the pipe is one of their favorite ways of relaxation.

Another very beautiful item that you should pick for yourself is the paper bag. The entire region is gifted with spectacular landscapes and beauty. And the administration takes all the possible means to preserve the beauty. Therefore most of the shops here use recycled paper bags and other green bags. These bags help save the ecosystem as well as they are means of livelihood for many. Locally made bag of raagi flour is one of the beautiful items which you can add to your Silvassa shopping list.

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Rupsam Chocolate & Ice Cream Shop

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There’s a smile in every Rupsam Chocolates & IceCream

Deals in Ice Cream & Chocolates

Contact – 9376177324, 9537837505

B-408, Yogi Hills, Near Balaji Mandir, Amli

type:First Class
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address:B-408, Yogi Hills, Near Balaji Mandir, Amli, Silvassa
PriceOfMenu:5/- Owwards
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