Beaches in Silvassa

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Silvassa is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats, sandwiched between the states of Gujrat and Maharashtra. To enjoy Silvassa Beaches one must visit the numerous lakes in and around the township.

Van Ganga Lake

One of the most visited spots in Silvassa is the Van Ganga Lake. Situated just 5 km from the city this beautiful lake garden has been the most favored outdoor shoot locations among the film makers in Hindi film industry. The serene beauty of the place has always attracted visitors from all walks of life.

Beauty of Van Ganga

Van Ganga Lake is surrounded by Island Garden which makes it so beautiful. The entire lake garden looks like a picture postcard. Spread on an area of around 8 hectors, this lake garden has been the favorite destination of the honeymooners and lovers. You can see them sitting quietly near the lake area. The reflection of the lush green garden in the lake water looks awesome. And if you are lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of the sun creating magical rainbow on the fountains of the lake area. Boating in the lake water amid the swans gives you feeling of belonging to nature.

Island Garden

The garden is connected to the central island with Japanese style wooden bridges. The entire lake area is bordered with trees, fountains, jogging tracks and restaurants. The walking trails are lined up with beds of colorful flowers. Enjoy the breath taking beauty of the lake garden as you sit in the open thatched huts. The setting of the lake garden is so peaceful that you are bound to forget all your stress and give up yourself completely to Mother Nature.

Things to Do in the Lake Garden

The best time to visit the lake garden is early evening. You can enjoy the cool breeze while boating in the lake. Paddle boating is available here at a very nominal rate. You can also enjoy the view just sitting near the lake. If you are hungry, then grab a bite from 1 of the numerous eateries near the shore. You can also take a stroll in the garden among the green woods. Children especially enjoy the boating and the magnificent view of the lake.  

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