Bars and Cafes in Silvassa

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Many of the best Silvassa bars and cafes are located within hotels and resorts in the city. The Hotel Woodland Regency is no exception, offering all the pleasures of food, drink and good company rolled into one venue. It is located at: MG Road, Silvassa 396230, Republic of India. Based in the very hub of the city, the hotel is just a short walk away from the bus stop, rickshaw stand, and government buildings and offices. Listen to Good Music In the Hotel Woodland Regency's bar area, you'll be entertained by an in-house DJ playing a range of Eastern and Western music. There is a selection of local and international wines, spirits, beers, soft drinks and other specialties. The local Kingfisher beer comes in 2 sizes: 325 ml and 650 ml. The larger size of beer will set you back about $1.50. Eat Well This stand-out among Silvassa bars and cafes serves great Indian, Continental and Chinese food and offers a superb view of the hillside and the larger Khanvel resort based on it. The ambiance could be described as traditionally Indian i.e. not hugely clean by Western standards but full of local character: the food is served in steel bowls on long communal tables where travelers and locals sit and intermingle. You can even choose to eat your meals beside the pool. For strict vegetarians, this excellent example of Silvassa bars and cafes has a whole separate restaurant called Aman Tran, which stays open until 10.30pm.
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