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Bhagalpr is a city in India, in Bihar state. It is capital of Bhagalpur district The city is situated on the Ganges River, 220 miles southeast of Patna. Bhagalpur is a road and railroad junction and the trading center for a fertile area in which rice, wheat, corn, barley, oilseeds, and sugarcane are the chief corps. The city has rice and sugar mills, and silk- and wool- weaving factories , and it is a distribution center for hemp narcotics. A silk culture institute and an agricultural research station are located there. 
Ancient cave sculptures dating from the reign of the Emperor Ashoka (about 274- 232 B.C) are found in the neighborhood, and 5 miles west of the city, at Sultanganj is an early temple of the Gupta period of architecture ( about 320- 500 A.D.) 

Bhagalpur, city, eastern Bihar state, northeastern India, just south of the Ganges River. The city has major road and rail connections and trades in agricultural produce and cloth. Major industries include rice and sugar milling and woolen weaving. 

Bhagalpur is also noted for its silk production. A sericulture institute and an  agricultural-research station have been established, and the city is the seat of Bhagalpur University (1960). Formerly called Sujanganj, Bhagalpur was constituted a municipality in 1864. 

The surrounding region includes an alluvial plain in the north and forested uplands of the Chota Nagpur Plateau to the south. The Ganges and Chandan rivers drain the area. Grains and oilseeds are the principal crops; china clay, fireclay, and mica deposits are worked. Pop. (1991 prelim.) 254,993. 

What To See

Mandar Hill : A small hill about 50 km from Bhagalpur is a good sightseeing. Every year on 14 Jan & (14 April on the ocasion of Bisua) there is a very big fair on the occasion of Makar Sankarnti. This hill is the very same hill which was used for the Sagar Manthan. You can see the marks of the snake around the hill used for mathan. Foot prints of Lord Vishnu can also be seen on this hill. The most attracting feature of the hill is the lake at its peak. This place can be reached by a taxi or by train (thrice a day from Bhagalpur Jn).

Madhusudan Temple : A sacret temple of Lord Vishnu near Mandar Hill situated at small Town Bounsi (Balisa Nagar). It is a great soul of Mass.

Shive Mandir & Masjit : It is situated at Bounsi. It is a great sample / example of Hindu Muslim unity because of the wall of both Shiv Mandir & Masjid is common. There is no other example of Unity And communial harmoni.

Chandan Dam : This project is situated 30 Km from Bounsi (Madhusudan Temple) this is a great source of water to farm on land.


Vikramashila : Founded in the latter part of the eight century A.D by Dharmapala, the Buddhist University of Vikramashila is loacted at the famous Patharghat Hill on the right bank of the Ganga, about 38 kilometers to the southeast of Bhagalpur. No early account of this monastic university is however, extant, nor has it been mentioned in Pali or Sanskrit literature. All that is know about it today is that it was patronized by the Pala Kings who helped the University of Nalanda too, though not on the same scale as they did in the case of Vikramashila. For a number of years this university was a well known center of Tantricism. The university was destroyed before A.D 1206.


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