Bhadrachalam Travel Guide

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Bhadrachalam is one of the most mystical places of India.  Most of India’s history mingles with religion. Most important cities or places were built around places of worship like temples and those places bear the names of important shrines, the names of saints and of Hindu deities. Bhadrachalam is one of this places full of mysticism. This place is geographically located on the banks of the Godavari River of India. This site is a prime destination for those people that want to embark on a journey and to see the glory and the architecture of India’s earliest inhabitants.

Transportation Methods to Reach Bhadrachalam

The most important place is Bhadrachalam, the holy site that is believed to be the holy home of Lord Rama. This makes this place one of the most significant destinations of India. While the place is hard to reach you can always find many inexpensive ways to visit this place without spending that much money. You can use a boat or a ferry to reach this pilgrimage site. You can also reach this place traveling by train. There is a train route, the Machilipatnam/Manuguru Express the number of this train is 7050.You can also take different bus routes to travel to Bhadrachalam.

When traveling by road you can use one of the many buses provided by the tourism department. The good thing about this buses that is that they will not stop along the way. They make a direct nonstop trip to the pilgrimage site; however you have to be ready for a long 7 hour ride.

When to visit Bhadrachalam

During the months of October and November there are many different celebrations when pilgrims take a dip on the cold waters of the Godavari River. The celebrations are made mainly in the temple’s grounds and many people flock for this holydays. There are many different accommodation that the temple and the government offer to the pilgrims and travelers alike.

Where to stay when visiting

There are many places where travelers could find lodging that is virtually inexpensive. It should be noted that it’s best to visit this location during the week. There are a lot of people visiting during the weekends that it is virtually impossible to find lodging during the weekends. The prices of the lodgings vary from RP$ 20 to RP$200. Of course the price of the room varies according to the style and the commodity of the place.


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