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Tree Bridge

Tree Bridge


Assam is the land of the Tea Gardens. There are nearly 750 tea plantations in the state. Assam contributes 15.6 %of the world's tea production and 55%of the country's output. Assam is also one of the wettest parts of the country because the highest rainfall in the world is recorded in Assam. It varies between 178 to 305 cms. All the rainfall is concentrated in the four months from June to September. Geographically the state can be divided into two major physical regions - the Barak Valley and the Brahmaputra Valley. Assam is dominated by the Brahmaputra river.

In its long history and located closely to Bhutan and China, Assam has served as an ideal meeting ground for diverse races, giving shelter to streams of human waves carrying with them distinct cultures and trends of civilisation Austro - Asiatic , Negritos, Dravidians, Alpines, Indo - Mongoloids, Tibeto - Burmese and the Aryans who penetrated into Assam through different routes and contributed in their own way towards the unique fusion of a new community which came to be known as the Assamese.

There are a number of travelling circuits promoted by the Union Government. These circuits can be linked with Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur and Mizoram. Kaziranga National Park is world famous for rhinos and elephants. Manas is another National Park.

Foreigners visiting the state have to obtain restricted area permits from the Union Home Ministry.

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