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Bhimavaram is famous for the Gunupudi Someswara temple, which is considered to be one of the holy Pancharamas. Built during the 3rd century A.D., the Shivalinga in the temple is believed to assume a black-cum-brown colour on no-moon days and a kind of white on full-moon days.

Another unique feature here is that the temple of the Goddess Annapurna was built on top of the Shiva temple, something that cannot be seen anywhere in the country. Surprisingly, the Goddess has the sacred thread around her neck and a baby near her feet.

Other places in Bhimavaram that are of interest to tourists are the Jain temple at Peda Amiram and Mavullamma (Goddess Shakti) temple.

This is the one of the more commercial and rich places in West Godavari.  Many people are migrating to the capital of AP, in order to acquire better jobs which are not easily available for the people here.

The place is well connected by Bus and Train routes. Located 107 Kms from Vijayawada, 15 Kms from Akividu, 455 kms from Hyderabad & 270 Kms from Visakhapatanam.

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