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Accommodation in Warangal

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Ashoka Hotel and Krishna Lodge are both fine examples of high end Warangal hotels.   Ashoka Hotel is located on in 6-1-242, Main Road , Hanamkonda, Warangal 506015, India . Thousand pillar temple, the Bhadra Kali Temple and Warangal port are nearby. Krishna Lodge is located at 12-1-71 SVN Road , Warangal 506002, India .   Ratna Hotel and Shilpa Lodge are two budget Warangal hotels.   Ratna Hotel is in M G Road, Warangal 506007, India . Shilpa Lodge is in 1st Floor Hanamkonda, Warangal 506001, India . This hotel is located near a newly installed

bus stand.

Surya Hotel

Located near Warangal bus station and train station, backs on to the Big Boulder in the centre of town.  Double room start from Rs400 with no a/c, upto 650 witha/c.  Good restaurant, if a little dark, popular in evenings.  Rooms are fair size and clean, good service.

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mitra residency

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nice lodge

type:Sleep Cheap
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url:MD.zakeer sharief
address:near petrol pump beside nandana gardens nakkalagutta warangal