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Just before sun set.

Just before sun set.

Diwakar Killamsetty

Kailashgiri is one of the favorite destination for visitors to Visakhapatnam. Kailashgiri is a popular tourist spot offering a panoramic glimpse of the Bay of Bengal and the city. The air is cool and fresh, and both Kailashgiri and the surrounding hills are covered with lush greenery.

One of the attractions at Kailashgiri is the Floral Watch-—a huge watch-like shape covered with grass. the statue of Shiva-Parvati is the chief attraction on the hill, made of marble-white stone, are of stunning beauty. They stand on a stone platform, and from near the feet of Kailash, flows a stream down a broad staircase.A Ropeway service is way of going up to the top and coming down in addition to the Pictrusque Road that takes you to the Top of the hill.

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