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Lord Shiva at Kailasagiri

Lord Shiva at Kailasagiri

Anitha Cherukuri

Secluded Beaches and the vast blue sea, Tranquil Hill tops, green-capped hills, Picturesque Valleys, dense jungles and crystal clear cascades, million-year-old caves, a famous hill temple dating back to the 11th century, ancient Buddhist sites, the only submarine museum of the subcontinent, lush green parks, and charming climate - Vizag has everything to make a perfect holiday.

Beaches Of Vizag(Visakhapatnam)
There are Many Beaches that are suited for venturing into sea. Like Rushi Konda, Bhimili, RK Beach Etc However Becareful for some dangerous Beaches Like YMCA Beach, VUDA PArk Beach, Tenneti Parak Beach Etc where the Profile of the Beach wont suite Venturing into the Water. For the adventurous who want to enjoy the rush of Adrenaline Rushikonda Beach has got some of the activities like Para Sailing etc.

Bhimili (Once Dutch Settlement)  
A small town on the coast line that holds its reputation for indias first municipality. There are many buddhist settlemets of yestee years like totla konda, bavi konda etc.
Visakhapatnam also have other   tourist attractions   like, some of the most beautiful beaches of India, Kailashgiri, and some exotic parks by the side of the beach, of course friendly people.There is lot to shop in viskhapatnam, like toys of Etikoppaka, tribla arts in Araku creations of Sea shells etc. Vizag doesn't have many good eating places but have some good places ,try eating some specialties like Biryani in Kamat, Tiffins in Sai Ram Parlour, South indian food is good  at the most of the places.  

Vizag Have got Couple of Museums and Famous though is Kurusura Submarine Museum which is a Submarine Converted into Museum. Vizag have other museums like Visakha Museum Which showcases the best artifact collection of Vizag. You also can see the relics recovered form some the excavation done in and around vizag. The other Museum is in Araku 110 Km From Vizag on the Hill Station Tribal Museum showcases the lifestyle f tribal of Eastern Ghats.

Vizag have Number of Parks watch have its own distinctive charm. Some sitting beside the beach and some Overlooking The Beach from Top and etcetera. The Parks in Vizag offer that needed relaxation and are full of various fun filled activities. Kailshgiri Park, Tenneti Paark, VUDA Park, Gokul Park, Sivaji Park Are Some of the Parks

Hill Stations
Borra Caves
These limestone caves were formed as a result of the action of the Gosthani river. Due to the pressure exerted by the river water on the mineral deposits, the lime stones dissolved and gradually solidify to form the irregularly shaped stalagmites are formed.

Araku Valley
Hill Station that is home to aboriginal tribes. The Best Part is the Journey to this Place by Train which passes through number of Valleys and Tunnels.


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