Pandurangapuram Travel Guide

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pandurangapuram is a village very nearby KTPS. More than 4000 people are living here. The people in this village are mostly depended upon Agriculture. There is river which opposes us while entering to village . That is kinnerasani river.There is no bridge on that.It was proposed to built and started building but due to some reasons it was stopped. Due to lack of the bridge the people are suffering very much. They has lost nearly 10 people for having no bridge that could help the people who were injured .There is a school in that village. There primary school. Secondary school ,which is up to 10th class. The people are very poor.A person from this village got placement in RGUKT-IIIT in basar, for his 10th marks gaining 527 just by studying in a govt school.His name is Kondeboina Durgaprasad. Now he is studying B.Tech in RGUKT-IIIT basar.his email id is blogspot is

Destinations in Pandurangapuram