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Fishing at Karaka vaagu

Fishing at Karaka vaagu

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It is fully developed by gaint companies like KTPS(Kothagudem Thermal Power Station), SIIL (Sponge Iron India Limited) and NFL (Navabharat Ferro Alloys Ltd). These companies brought very big image in the world alos brought good development in the town. SILL is the first Sponge Iron in the Asia it self. I think it is the 2nd largest in the world. It is a central Govt company resulting with high profits even though the company is a samll one. KTPS is one of the biggest power plant in the state.

Here are the principal hotspots in Peloncha:

Kinnerasani: This dam is very near by Palocncha and is attracting people all over the country to visit. The cool bracing wind whips the hair about your faces as you ramble along the streets that dip and rise delightfully. Breathtaking views surprise you from pretty cottages as you sniff appreciatively the heady fragrance of the Kinnerasani waters.

Navabharat Temple: This Venkanna temple is situated at Navabharat Hills by NFL. So many devotees are visiting every day from all over the state.

Sponge Iron Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple, built in 1820, is a mix of Islamic and Gothic styles of architecture.

Radhakrishna Temple: Situated in the KTPS Colony attached with a Kalyana Mandapam, constructed by KTPS.

Kala Bharathi Grounds: Kala Bharathi is the Biggest ground in the Khammam District and is also considered one of the finest in the the state. The history of the Kala Bharathi is irrevocably bound up with that of Paloncha Cricket Club, which did the pioneering work in cricket not only in Paloncha but in the whole of the Khammam District . The present Kala Bharathi came in existence some time in the year 1964. It is not certain as to whom the land belonged to although some records show that it was the property of KTPS while some other records state that it belonged to the Radhakrishna Temple. However, the fact remains that the land was effectively passed into the hand of the Paloncha Cricket Clubwho in turn presented it to the citizens of Paloncha for recreation. In course of time Paloncha Cricket Club established with its headquarters at the Kala Bharathi Grounds. The pavilion was built in 1971 and cricket was played for a long period in Sylvan surroundings.


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