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itharulaku sahaya padandi

itharulaku sahaya padandi


Nellore City is situated on the south bank of Pennar River. It lies in the southern part of the Andhra Pradesh State. It is at a distance of 175-km from Chennai and is the headquarters of the district. Flamingo Festival is celebrated in this district's famous bird sanctuary at Nelapattu. Nellore people love Nellore for many reasons, one of them being culture and nature of people. There are many places of historical importance, the Ranganayakula Temple on the bank of the river Penna, the udayagiri fort, the Narasimha Konda, Penchala kona, venkatagiri fort, Mypadu beach, the Krishnapatnam port etc.

Nellore is an important market center for products such as cotton and oilseed. A major railway and a national highway serve the city. The nearest international airport is about 170 km (about 100 miles) south in Chennai. Nellore once known as Vikramasimhapuri has a prominent place in the history of India. Culturally, Nellore city stands unique among the other towns of Andhra Pradesh as it is the place where the greatest of the Telugu poets, Tikkana Somayaji, translated the Mahabharata into Telugu, lived. Even the first Poetess Molla was born in this place. World famous Lord Talpagiri Ranganathaswami has chosen this Nellore and He lives in the temple near the river Penna.

Nellore is the District Head Quarters. Nellore city these days extended itself enormously. Its proximity to the sea as well as its central location in this agricultural heartland has helped Nellore to grow as a city, while still maintaining its importance on the tourist circuit. Nellore offers the visitor a plethora of temples to visit as well as a pristine beach nearby. Nellore is world famous for rice and aqua (prawn and fish) culture.

Every October and November rains come and destroy the coastal part of District but every time politicians and bureaucrats make money but do never try to avert the devastation. They boost up losses and and show exorbitant account of relief-expenditure. It is pity

Nellore is also famous for 'Rice'. the name Nellore means ' Rice city'.

The traffic here is absolutely chaotic, which wont surprise most Indians; but this city is absolutely chaotic!!!! Your vehicle is almost all the time at threat from some suicidal auto driver, who for no reason will try to ram into your car.

Recently Nellore has become a Corporation. The roads are being widened from the last few months. It is also developing along all directions to accommodate the increasing population. 

Nellore is famous for colleges. Theaters are wonderful here, not the tiny ones you see in other sities, but huge, comfortable ones where you can enjoy the movie at ease.


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