When to Go in Nelakondapalli

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hello everybody who really want to  know about nelakondapally, and at first i am proud to be born and native of this holy place. as title to be explained , there is not any specific time to visit, we can visit any day of the 365 days. weather also flowerish, if we have to visit ,you go to khammam the dist head qtr and stay there and move from there by a vehicle.matter of 30 min drive we will get to nkpally. bhaktha ramadasa dhyanamandiram is the roottemple of the town. the real bahktha of lord Sri Rama .so everybody pls visit this holy land and get the blessings of lord rama,sita, lakshman and bhaktha ramadasa at ramadasa mandir. thannkig you all readers. by ravi kumar.p

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