Nalgonda Travel Guide

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•	Sri Varijala Venugopala Swamy Temple - Narketpally

• Sri Varijala Venugopala Swamy Temple - Narketpally

Krishna Cherupaly

Nalgonda is in the heart of Andhra Pradesh. 

The name Nalagonda means  Nalla(Black) + Konda (Hill). This city is hill locked between two  hills KaapuRaala Gutta and Lateef Shahi Gutta. Gutta in Telugu means hill. Nalgonda is also referred as Nilgiri sometimes.

Places to visit:
1. Panagal: 3KMs from town center. Panagal has temples belonging to the Kakatiya and Krishnadevaraya eras. Panagal lake is another attraction.
2. Kapuralagutta: You can hike it in winter and reach the fort on top of the hill.
3. Latifsahib gutta is famous for the Urs or jaatara.
4. The new municipal park on Miryalaguda road is the latest addition to the towns parks. Boating is an added attraction here.


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