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Beautifull Narvey

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Jagtial is a Mandal or Taluka in Karimnagar District of Andhra Pradesh, which is approx. 5 hours away (drive) from the State Capital Hyderabad.

In Karimnagar Dist., Jagtial is a commercial hub for about thirty villages in span of  about a radius of 50 kilometers. This town provides a very good scope of education for the people in the villages around and the nearby towns.

There are about 6 Ciniplexes with modern technology, good number of private and govenrment hospitals. The place has got a good transportation links with all the neighbouring districts and states.

Soon You Will Have Railways connecting Jagtial.The railway line has been built upto Kondagattu just 12 km or so frm jagtial.Thus ill soon get the help of railways too.

The town has got a very good stand in the state assembly. It's one of the prominent constituncies fighting for Telangana (a seperate state from andhra pradesh).

As known, the telangana region of A.P., was ruled by Nizams and so as Jagtial. Hence it still carries the grace of Nizam constructions, in the form of some ruined monuments.

The holy places of Kondagattu gutta (Hanuman's Temple) and Dharmapuri (temples and the sacred river) in driving distance make jagtial a good place to settle in all aspects.

Jagtial is a hub in the Telangana Region because of it's location and transportation facilities.It is loated between Nizamabad,karimnagar and maharastra borders.

People in Jagtial are friendly and good hearted.

From Hyderabad there is Express/Luxury bus for every half an hour and 4 Hitech buses daily. Train facility is also coming soon.

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