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Hyderabad is widely regarded as one of the most culturally diverse cities on the Indian subcontinent. Hyderabad Day Trips serve as an excellent medium to understand the ethnic backgrounds that define Hyderabad. Commonly acknowledged as the cultural capital of southern India, Hyderabad was once the epicenter of the opulent Nizam rulers. The historic buildings in Hyderabad represent different influences, ranging from the warrior Hindu clans to the Mughal Empire and the British colonial regime.

Some ideas for planning Hyderabad day trips:

Visiting Falaknuma Palace

This is one of the most exotic palaces of Hyderabad. Constructed during the rule of Nawab Ulmara, Falaknuma Palace blends the basics of Mughal architecture with certain Italian influences. Built during the 9th century, the palace’s construction was painstakingly completed over nine years. Falaknuma has the rarest exhibits of the Nizam regime, including a world-famous Jade collection. Other exhibits include furniture items and statues that were sourced from Europe. The internal architectural style of the palace is in slight contrast to the external façade, being adorned with Renaissance-like frescoes.

The palace should be visited during the daytime only, since it takes a lot of time to complete the tour of the sprawling complex. There are more than 200 rooms to explore and each has its individual decorative elements. Nearly every bit of furniture here is a collector’s item, embellished with bits of precious metals, handcrafted designs and rare leather strips.

Directions: Falaknuma Palace is located near the Charminar, along the outskirts of Hyderabad. The palace is easy to locate, being a major landmark. The palace is occasionally closed for maintenance work. Further, there is a hotel complex being constructed in its vicinity that might create some problems for the visitors. Thus, it is better to confirm the visiting hours/schedule from a local authoring before visiting the palace.

Visiting Paigah Tombs

Built during the 18th century, the tombs are a unique creation, made of rare marbles. It usually takes half a day to explore the palace complex, since it is spread across nearly 40 acres. The tombs are also the burial sites of many, former rulers of Hyderabad. However, the palace complex consists of many other courtyards and halls. The architecture of the tombs still mystifies archaeologists. Some believe that it consists of a rare, combination of mortar/lime that is also seen in many ancient, Chinese creations. Others opine that it is a unique form of Persian architecture since it emphasizes the use of marble.

Directions: the tombs are located in Santoshnagar, a small town, located 10 km from the Hyderabad city-center. Local transport for reaching the tombs is easily available. Visitors can hire a cab for the daytime.


One place to be in Hyderabad to visit is the Hyderabad Zoo Park. On the way you not only enjoy to see the culture of hyderbad but also monuments like Charminar, Salar Jung etc,.

Whats so special about this zoo?? Well, take the tickets go in and enter a total eco-friendly world. You will see rooms on the left side, which look rather dark. different kinds of fishes in aquariums.  Next you will see beautiful rocks> you see them moving?? They are tortoises....huge ones.

The Zoo has got a butterflypark too which was started last April. Various species of plants which attract butterflies have been planted. Mind you, it is not a closed is open. its amazing to see butterflies flying over pretty in different colors. Watch your feet mister.....insects might be crawling careful not to step on them.

Another attraction is the birds, falcons, flamingos, golden necked geese... all the huge birds perched on huge trees. it will seem as if you are walking in Jurassic Park. The deers and does hopping on the grasslands... the peacocks and smaller birds chirping and dancing in their cages... the hufe white tigers snarling at people... the lions... looking at you as if to say "king of the king of the city".

The Mir Alam tank... big lake. you could go boating there. the elephants walking around gracefully in the zoo is a major hit among the kids. The lil train whislting by.....another hit. But its always better to walk because you can take your time to admire the animals...observe them and fall in love with them.

The panthers, the pumas, the sloth bear, the hippos, the rhinos..the crocs and the dark tunnel of snakes.Unfortunately they are behing the glass, so it won't be that creepy.

thats with the zoo, make sure you visit it.


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