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Eluru is situated on alluvial terrain in between the Krishna and Godavari deltas. The town is at a distance of 40 miles North East of Vijayawada. The broad – gauge railway line on the East Cost connecting Chennai to Colcatta passes through the town. Two main canals from both Krishna and Godavari rivers meet at Eluru. And thus connect Chennai to the island town of the state Kakinada by inland waterways. History of Archaeological Importance

As the town of Eluru was built up very near to the ancient capital of Vengi it has got many historical monuments in and around it. Muslims who brought stones from the temples at Vengi built the Fort of Eluru. There are 25 inscriptions to be seen on one stone near the mosque. The places of historical importance around Eluru are Vengi, Vatluru, Denduluru and Kolleru.

Topographical Features

The town is situated on the border of the Kolleru Lake. The Tammileru river passes through the town. The Eastern part of Tammileru boarders the entire North of the town, while the Western Tammileru flows to the West of the town. The Krishna – Eluru canal passes through the heart of the town from South – West towards North – East.

  Close on the same direction the Madras – Waltair broad – gauge line of the South Central Railway runs almost parallel to it in the town. The GNT road passes through this town cutting the canal and the railroad twice in the town.

Climate and Rainfall

Eluru town falls in the hot humid region of the country and it is less than 40 miles from Bay of Bengal. The climate of the town is very hot and it is pleasant during the winter. The hottest day falls in the month of May with some shift to June during some years. The maximum temperature observed is 51.7c and the minimum temperature observed is 12.90c.


The population of the town increased from 33,521 in 1901 to 2,12,866 in 1991 registering a growth of 55% during the period from 1901 – 1991. The literacy rate of the town has been 72% as per 1991 census. The town recorded a growth rate of 26.63% during 1981 –91. In 2001 the population increased slightly to 2,15,642. Mid of the year 2005 the city has the population 2,50,000.

West Godavari District

During the division of Northern Cirkars in to Districts, ELURU was made a part of Machilipatnam District.  Later, it was included in the Godavari District in 1859. Subsequently, Eluru made part of the Krishna District. Finally in the year 1925, West Godavari District was formed with Eluru as its Headquarters and all the District Offices and Regional Offices were setup in Eluru Town. The government of Andhrapradesh recently upgraded Eluru municipality as municipal corporation. Orders issued in the month of april 2005. Surrounding some villages merged in the city, thatswhy the city population has been raised up to 3,50,000. The Eluru city internationally famous for persian carpets. Besides that the city is also well known for hand rolled agarabathis, hair industry and jute industry.

Carpet Industry

Carpet  Industry is so good in ELURU.Pure hand making carpets are available for cheap rates.So many people visit Eluru to design their own customized Carpets.

Hotels and Restaurants

Being a small town it has only one hotel with international standards:

Manya Guestline (The only Star Hotel)

Also there is only one restaurant which serves international cuisines:

Banana Leaf



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