Sights in Cuddapah

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Here are a few interesting sights.

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7 roads

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It is the place where 7 roads come together and meet at one place.
The roads are:  1) One road comes from the Old Bus Stand. 2) One Road comes from the Chennur Bus Stand(One Town Police Station). 3) One Road Comes from the Gokul Lodge(which is a land mark to the most of the cuddapah visitors) 4) One road comes for Palem Papaiah Street( which is a business area, where you can get most of the building material) 5) One road comes form the (palem street, which is newly developing business area) 6) One road comes from the Govt Hospital of Cuddapah and more..

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Shrines of Cuddapah

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Irrespective of the relgious attachments the follwoing shrines of sufi muslim saints are greatly revered.

Hazrath Amin Pir saab Dargah Complex, Hazrath Shah Mir Saab Dargah, Hazrath Ali Murad Saab Dargah, Hazrath Rafeeq Shah Vali Saab Darga.

Disciples of Hazrath Amin Pir saab and Shah Mir saab school of thoughts .. exist all over Rayalseema and Coastal districts and carry out welfare activities on a large scale. When ever there was an outbreak of cholera in Cuddapah town , residents use to consider Ali Murad saab as their saviour and special prayers were conducted more..

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St.Mary's Cathedral Church

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This is one of the most beautifully constructed church in Andhra Pradesh in Gothic style. Pure bliss to see.

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openingHours:9 Am
address:St.mary's cathedral, Mariapuram

Nehru Park

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It's a Children Park which is newly developing with the lots of playing equipments. Children can enjoy the park with the fun. The aged who are accompanied with the children can chit chat each other at the tables and green lawns.

The lawns doubles the children enthusiasm and they feel more freshness.

type:Parks, Gardens and Zoos
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Old Cemetery

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The old Cemetry near Nirmala convent called locally "Dorala Gorilu' is the resting place of British officers who were residents of cuddapah town during the Bitish Raj. Few of the graves there belong to British officers who were killed in the rebellion by Pathans of Bara Kamaan ( 12 arches) the locality which is currently known as B.K.M. Street area

type:Graves and Cemeteries
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