Eating Out in Cuddapah

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Mayura Bakery: This is most happening spot in cuudapah. This is located on the Madras Road. This place is famous for chats. The taste of the food made here is really good & waters your mouth on seeing the menu list.

Ashoka Hotel: This is a Pure Veg hotel where you will find with the cleanliness and with old fashioned. The taste of the food over here is really makes you feel about cuddapah.

Vijaya Hotel: This Hotel is again a pure Veg hotel and located in the center of the town. The hotel is in a monument place(A building with a Clock on the top of the building.) The hotel devide the highway into two roads, 1) Madras Road & 2) the place where 7 roads meet.

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This is the best place to have icecreams and chats. All snacks like pawbajji, cutlet, samosa, belpuri... are available. This is the only place where u can find greenery in hotel. Well maintained.. But avoid on sundays it will heavy rush.

type:Indian and Pakistani
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accessibility:from old bustand 200Meters
address:next to Saibaba Theatre

Manasa Hotel, Madras road

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This is one of the best non-vegetarian hotels probably in entire Rayala Seema. Reasonably priced this offers a variety of items which includes Chinese food also. Sea food like prawns are available.

type:Indian and Pakistani
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address:Madras Road, Nera YV street

Near Old bus stand

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Near by old bus stand surrounding can find famous kushka and parota's. Opp. to Laxmiranga theatre  and in some places we can get Sangati (famous of cuddapah), boti, paya etc. One can refresh non-veg in the very old Patel Hotel which is located in Madras Road.

If you get time and chance to eat neay by old bus stand, don't miss the opportunity to eat at "Nagaraju Hotel", where you get Raagi Sangati, Boti, Paaya, Natukodi Chicken, Mutton and other Spicy recipies.

All the above menu's are very spicy. Be prepared to refresh.

World66 rating: [rate it]
accessibility:8.00 am to 11 pm.
PriceOfMenu:its all affordable and Ranges from Rs.10 to Rs. 100/-
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