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Here are a few hotspot in Cuddapah.

Brahmamgari Matam Temple

Brahmam garu was a very renowned person in Andhra Pradesh who predicted many incidents of KALIYUGA. It has been proved that every incident he has predicted has actually happened till now!!! It is also believed that Brahmamgaru will emerge as VeeraBhoga Vasantha rayalu some time in Kaliyuga to destroy the evil forces and re install the Dharma, Divinity and Generosity in Human Beings).B.Matam is very near to MYDUKUR.

Veera Badhra Swamy Temple:

VeeraBadra Swamy Temple is one of the famous temples in Kadapa District. It is located on the Mydukur-Proddutur main Road. Transport facility to this temple will be available from mydukur and Proddatur.

Srivenkatasewara Temple

Supposed to be the door step for Lord Venkatesa in Tirumala. People used to travel to Tirumala after visiting this temple and the uniqueness of the temple is you can find Lord Anjaneya behind the main Idol of Sri Venkatesa.


A picturisque location where you can find very ancient temples. Good as a picnic spot too!! You can find the powerful Sri Chakram installed in one of the Goddess Kanakadurga's temples.


Lord Sri Rama's beauty. It is believed that the very well known Telugu poet Pothana has written down the Bhagavatam in Telugu in this village only and submitted his literature to Lord SriRama in this temple. It is believed that the poet and his literature was protected by the lord himself when the king and his soldiers tried to destroy them.

Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: KADAPA IS ONE OF THE GRETEST DISTRICT IN ANDHRAPARADESH


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