When to Go in Bhadrachalam

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Bhadra Chalam has a unique climate consisting of summer, winter, and the rainy season. For most of the year, temperatures are very high as are humidity levels. Unlike many locations in the world, the tourist season in Bhadra Chalam is actually the best time to visit. The weather is perfect for traveling and sightseeing, and hotel, restaurant, and monument prices and admissions don´t increase to ridiculous amounts because, in general, things are quite inexpensive in India. The tourist season is from October to February, meaning winter in Bhadra Chalam.


The winter season, from October to February, is dry and comfortable. Temperatures range from 12 degrees C as a minimum to around 25 degrees C, a very agreeable range. The humidity is low by winter because the monsoon season has already passed. Only very rarely do temperatures drop below 15 degrees. Overall, winter is the perfect time to walk around and see all of the sights in Bhadra Chalam without getting to tired from the heat and humidity.


Summers in Bhadra Chalam can seem extreme. Lasting from March to early June, the normal daily temperatures rise to 30 to 40 degrees C, which can feel unbearable, especially when trying to visit all of the sites. For this reason, the tourism industry does not do too well during the summer season. There is, however, one good thing that makes the heat slightly more bearable--the lack of humidity. The humidity only starts to rise around the month of June, and it is mostly the humidity that creates the suffocating atmosphere that occurs during the monsoon season.

The Rainy Season

Beginning in the middle of June and continuing until September, the rainy season is perhaps the worst time to visit Bhadra Chalam. Monsoons from the northeast flood the area and create strong winds that can cause damage when they are at their worst. Temperatures drop a little, but due to the huge increase in humidity, the heat seems even more extreme than in summer. Especially for tourists, who want to get outside to enjoy and appreciate the area, the monsoon season is a terrible time to travel to Bhadra Chalam. Activities and tours are very limited and the lower prices for hotels and restaurants don´t make up the difference.

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