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For those who like to explore unique cultural offerings, the Bhadrachalam Shopping experience is an inescapable temptation. Though a small town that owes much of its identity to the presence of exotic Hindu temples, Bhadrachalam has become one of the most toured destinations in India, visited by regional and international visitors.

Bhadrachalam Shopping Season

It should be noted that unlike some of the cosmopolitan cities, Bhadrachalam doesn’t offer the convenience of year-round shopping opportunities. The reason is simple - this town owes its visitors due to its sprawling temples. It is only during the festive period that worshipers and visitors come flocking to witness traditional Hindu festivities. Therefore, if you are planning to do some serious shopping in Bhadrachalam and want to witness the entire range of the native offerings, schedule your visit during the prime festival season. The festival season in Bhadrachalam begins from December onwards. Ekadasi and Dasavatara Mahotsavams are the two main festivals during which huge processions are arranged. During this time, the entire town is lit up with oil lamps and decorated with colorful paintings, called rangolis.

Bhadrachalam Shopping Tips

Please note that there aren’t any shopping arcades or dedicated shopping zones in Bhadrachalam. All shopping prospects are limited to street-side stalls that seem to gain endless proportions, stretched out for miles. You can expect a range of native Indian arts and crafts, including decorative pieces of home decorations made of brass and wood. Some of the stalls selling beads and silver jewelry are found along the banks of the Godavari River.

The most famous offering of Bhadrachalam is the silk saree. These are traditional Indian garments worn by Indian women. The sarees are sold in a variety of silks and are embellished with handcrafted patterns. The most expensive and sought-after are the Rajmundri silk sarees that are supposed to have a royal heritage.

Another item worth consideration is the hand-woven carpets. The neighboring city of Hyderabad produces some of Asia’s most lavish carpet creations. As it turns out, some of the native weavers are based in Bhadrachalam and offer slightly simpler, but amazingly-affordable versions of these carpets.

Best Shopping Time

First-time visitors should avoid the small, crowded stalls that are set up along the periphery of the main Northern Gate of the temple complex. The rush can be maddening during the early morning and late-evening hours and visitors might be overwhelmed by the swarm of worshipers. It is best to step out for shopping during the post-lunch time. This is when the devotees have receded after offering their early morning prayers.

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