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Try and avoid Global Tourism Promotions tour operator for this tour. Below is the horrible experiance we had with these people:

We were a group of 23 people which included 7 people who were above 60 yrs of age and 2 kids below 5 yrs. This trip was on Oct 2 2009.

I am giving all these details for you to understand the hardships which we faced during the trip.

The below mentioned are the details of the horrendous experience we had during the trip.


1. We were supposed to start the boat journey from Pattiseema boating point but were taken to a place called Purushottam Nagar which was further away from Pattiseema. There was not fault of us in the delay as were sharp by 8:00 am in railway station as they communicated to us. Due to this reason, by the time we got into the so called A/C cruise boat there were already about 50-60 people. We had no place to sit. After my father-in-law has shouted at them they arranged for some chairs. By the time we could get some place to seat we had already covered half an hour journey. We had blocked the tickets about a month back expecting that we could all enjoy the trip sitting together but all of us were scattered around the crumpled space in that boat.


2. The food provided was not so good and also since the space for having lunch on-board the boat was less, the people had to go in batches and by the time we could get a chance to have lunch most of the items were almost over.


3. As per the itinerary we were supposed to get into a non A/C boat from Perantalapalli. By the time we reached the place, we were asked to get into a boat which was already packed with about 18-20 people and we had place for only another 5-6 persons. When we demanded seats, the boat persons said we will have to travel on the roof(it was raining for most part of the journey until PerantalaPalli) and due to that reason we refused to get into the boat and asked for an alternative arrangement.

The A/C boat people arranged for another boat of some third party person which was ready to leave and we hurriedly shifted our luggage to the new boat due to which we did not have time to visit the temple in Perantalapalli.


The final and worst part of the trip occurred at Pochavaram..


4. We were supposed to travel until SriRamaGiri as per the itinerary, but here also we were cheated and had to alight at Pochavaram. We were promised Tea/Snacks in the evening which did not materialize since we were travelling in a third part boat.


On reaching Pochavaram, the local cab drivers were waiting for us and immediately started abusing us for not taking the non A/C boat arranged by the travel agent. They also did not help us in shifting the luggage from the boat to the jeep and when we requested them to help they started to use foul language against my father-in-law(Vivina Murthy- known as Vivina in telugu literary world) and also against KaliPatnam Rama Rao(another famous telugu writer and Sahitya Academy Award winner). They almost manhandled these people and also my mother-in-law which is extremely inhuman.

We had to shift the entire luggage ourselves(had to climb a steep slope to get to the jeep with the old aged, kids and luggage).


PS: We also over heard a conversation between Mr.Prasad(local agent in Rajahmundry) on phone. The other person was saying since the bus which was taking us to PurushottamNagar had 30 people. He was doubtful whether they could be accommodated on the A/C boat for which Mr.Prasad replied- "do something and get them inside the boat and we can think about it later"

This shows that the boat was being loaded over its capacity.



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