Nightlife and Entertainment in Bhadrachalam

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Bhadrachlam is a famous for being a pilgrimage city in India, and Bhardrachalam nightlife can be anything from enjoying a meal at a restaurant or participating in a Hindu festival.


The town of Bhardrachalam is famous in southern India for the restaurants. They are extremely clean and moderately priced. People have their choice of cuisine from westernized menus to traditional fare. Some of the more interesting restaurants are the traditional Indian restaurants. The vegetarian Indian restaurants are more likely to experiment with their cuisine. The Bhavani Restaurant is located by the Bhardrachalam bus stop. The staff is incredibly friend and the food is authentically made to local customs. There is a candle light dinner service creating a romantic setting for couples. Restaurants in the area specialize in good food and comfortable settings. Coffee and tea shops are also popular in Bhardrachalam at night.

Hindu Devotions

The city of Bhadrachlam is famous for the Hindu temples. Pilgrims come from all over the world to pay homage. An activity that is popular among visitors and residents is attending sessions of Kirtanas for the Sri Ram. Located at the Ramaswami Temple, the exercise begins at 8:00pm. Before they start the service, visitors can make an offering to the Hindu deities. People, regardless of their religion, find the experience spiritual and a wonderful memory. This gives people an unique opportunity to something completely different then what they might do on vacation.

Resort Nightlife

The Hotel Bhadrachalam is one of the nicest resorts in Bhadrachalam. As there are limitations in Bhadrachalam, as it is a smaller town with fewer restaurants outside the strip, hotels like the Bhadrachalam have filled up the gap in nightlife. The hotel has a restaurant and bars that provide evening dining and entertainment. The bar has live music and all the eateries have outdoor seating for people to enjoy the scenery. People can enjoy the music and dance or just hang around the hotel. Unlike most of the restaurants in the area, the hotel is air conditioned.

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