Festivals in Bhadrachalam

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Welcome to India, where you are going to find a large number of Bhadrachalam Festivals celebrated every month in every part of the country. Not only are you going to get a complete traditional and cultural experience when you journey to Andhra Pradesh, you are going to celebrate the larger number of festivals taking place every month. So join in the gaiety as well as ceremony in celebrating the festivals of India by traveling to Andhra Pradesh.

Festival of Srirami Navami

The most significant festival in Bhadrachalam is the Festival of Srirama Navami. Celebrated for Sri Rama’s birthday, this festival encompasses 10 days to pay worship to the Lord. Held in March through April, many tourists and devotees alike come to the festival for celebration and have been doing so for the last 400 years.

Festival of Lights - Diwali

The most important of religious festivals in Bhadrachalam is the festival of lights, Diwali, which is celebrated all over India. If you are in Andhra Pradesh, during the Dussehra/ Diwali celebrations, which normally take place in October or November, you are going to be enthralled and captivated by the colors, gaiety, and music, dances, food and fireworks during the Festival of Light. It is absolutely necessary that you book your hotel room before hand, because Diwali usually takes place in the earlier part of November and Dussehra usually takes place during the middle parts of October. Many people come to Andhra Pradesh, to celebrate this festival with family and friends. You might find hotel accommodations difficult to find you during this time, so an advance booking is always sensible.

New Year's Celebration - Ugadi

The New Year's celebration takes place in April and May in Andhra Pradesh and is called Ugadi. This comes after the celebration of another festival very popular in the whole of India named the Festival of Colors or Holi. If you find yourself caught in the Holi crowd, allow yourself to be tinted with colored powder and colored water because that signifies happiness and good luck for the future. But do not indulge a lot in the food and the drink which is literally laced with hemp! This is the only time when the use of hemp is allowed by the law enforcement authorities.

Festival of Moharrum

Muslims in Andhra Pradesh as well as all over India in April to celebrate the festivals of Moharrum, Milad-un-Nabi and Id. Religious congregations assemble at Mecca Masjid, and Dar-us-Salaam to offer up prayers with devotion and fervor. The location of Bhadrachalam is within the Khammam District located within Andhra Prahesh. The Bhadrachalam location is in the region of Telangana in Andhra Pradesh near the river Godavari.

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