Family Travel Ideas in Bhadrachalam

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Bhadrachalam is mostly located in the forest.  This is one of the holiest places in India where the religion of the place is always interwoven with history. It is said that Lord Rama made his abode in this place and because of this many people flock to this site. This place is ideal for families to go on a pilgrimage or to simply spend time in one of India’s most wonderful places.

Borra Caves

Families that visit this place will enjoy the beauty of the temples as well as the harmony of this place with nature. The Borra Caves are located in the Araku Valley. The importance of this cave is that, according to legend, Hinduism’s deity Lord Shiva protected a cow and because of this a shrine was erected in his name.

Kondapur Museum

It would be hard to visit Bhadrachalam without looking at the historical artifacts of the place. The past is alive in Bhadrachalam and the museum helps preserve many different artifacts important to the region. The items showcased in the exhibition were found in an archeological site, Kotagadda, that is near the museum. There is a wide display of terracotta figurines as well as artifacts that were made of bone and shells. The whole family could learn about the past of Bhadrachalam and can better understand the present and the traditions found here. There are a few sacred relics found in this museum.

Lord Sri Rama's Birthday

Around the months of March and April the locals celebrate the birthday of Sri Rama. They also celebrate the wedding of Lord Rama and Sita. The celebration is a reenactment of the wedding that has been said to take place a long time ago. There are many details involved in the preparation and the enactment of this wedding. The festival lasts for over 10 days and there are crowds that gather to celebrate this special occasion. 

Godavari River

The Godavari River is thought to have holy waters. This river is also a route of transport to the temples of Bhadrachalam. Families can take a steam boat on the Godavari River to reach Bhadarchalam. The trip can be expensive depending on the vehicle used to travel on the river. There are many different vendors that may board the ship and offer bananas or other snacks. Tourist can enjoy the fresh air and the sights along the river bank.

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