Eating Out in Bhadrachalam

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The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh and Bhadrachalam Restaurants, especially Hyderabad, is a mixture of Hindu and Muslim authentic cuisine. So, you would want to try whatever comes to hand, especially Haleem and the Hyderabadi Biryani.

Hyderabadi Cuisine

There was a time when the Hyderabadi Biryani was served to those fortunate people who had friends with real honest-to-goodness Hyderabadi cooks. Nevertheless there are some places which are still serving the authentic biryani with spices and nuts. Apart from that, try tasting the Halim.

Adventurous and Delicious Fare

One needs to go into the area near Charminar, especially the area called the old city, and look for places where you can get this food. If you are adventurous enough to eat this fare in the numerous old eateries in the old city go right ahead. On the other hand if hygiene is a definite issue, taste the delicious Mughlai food at Hyderabad House in the Banjara Hills area. It is supposed to be best eating place in Hyderabad for anybody who wants a taste of the original Hyderabadi cuisine.

Exquisite Indian Traditional Meals

Here is a list of the traditional Andhra cuisine which no gourmet is going to pass up. First of all, it is marvelous to eat the authentic tamarind rice on a banana leaf. Rice with a dry curry and 5 different types of dishes are going to be served. Along with this, there will be spiced green vegetables, red hot pickles, (ghunghura) yoghurt, and non-vegetarian dishes. Idli and dosas (stuffed pancakes) are excellent. If traveling near the sea, the seafood with rice is one of the most ancient traditional foods in this region.

Snack Fare in Bhadrachalam

Snack away on Murku, ‘Bobbatlu’ Appadams and 'Kakinada Kaja.' For those with a sweet tooth there is the Putharekulu' and 'Bandhar Ladoo.' For those who enjoy Mughlai try authentic dishes like kebabs which are cooked in different styles like sheekh (otherwise known as shish kabobs!) Shikampur''Boti Jhammi', and'Kalmi' kebabs.

Now comes the time for Kormas. These are going to be meat spiced with creamy gravy and vegetables rounded off with a pastry named Lukhmi.

Planning for Traveling to Eat

Plan to travel to Hyderabad during the month of Ramadan where the authentic food of Haleem will be available to eat this time of the year. If you enjoy greens with your meat you could eat the 'Keema Methi' or fenugreek with minced meat.

All the meat dishes are normally eaten with rice or with Roti (bread) which take the shape of Rumali roti or Naans. Id-ul-Fitr has its own traditional sweet dish which is called 'Sheer Korma', made up of dates, dried fruit, and vermicelli.

Enjoy the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh!

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