Day Trips in Bhadrachalam

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The picturesque small town of Bhadrachalam on the banks of the river Godavari is steeped in the lore of Lord Rama and attracts hordes of devotees. There are many nearby places which are rich in myth, legend and natural beauty.  


About 35 km from Bhadrachalam, this is the place where according to legend, Lord Rama along with his brother Lakshmana, and wife Sita spent part of his exile. It was here where Ravana, the demon king of Sri Lanka, abducted Sita. Nearby is Sita Vaagu, the pool where she bathed. The rocks by the pool bear the imprint of her saree.

You can even see the tracks of Ravana’s chariot when he fled with Sita on the rocks near the Parnashala Temple. The village of Parnashala has lush paddy fields and roads bordered with trees while the river Godavari flows in the background.

Jattayu Paaka (Yetapaka)

Another spot connected with the legend of Rama, this place is about 2 km from Bhadrachalam. After the injured bird Jatayuvu fought a losing battle with Ravana in an attempt to rescue Sita, he waited here for Rama.


A picturesque and tranquil island in the River Godvari, this is where Lord Rama (known here as Atmarama) killed 14000 demons. The village is said to be built on the ashes of these demons. The bridge that connects this island to the mainland dates back one hundred years to colonial times.


About 5 km from Bhadrachalam, Gundala is famous for its hot springs. Travelers say that these springs well up wherever you dig on the river bank. According to myth, this was the place where the divine trio – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara - came to bathe during winter. Another myth says that these hot springs were formed when the serpent king Adi Seshu offered the gift of celestial fire.

Papi Kondalu Hills or Papi Hills

This is a beautiful range of hills about 50 km from Bhadrachalam in the Perantalapalli village along the river. The hills are covered with dense forest and are linked to the legend of Rama who spent some of his exile here. The forests filled with waterfalls and sparkling streams is a popular destination for pilgrims as well as nature lovers.

The quaint little village has an ashram with a shrine on the river bank – Sri Krishna Munivaatam built in 1927. The ashram is maintained by a tribal sect and no hunting or non vegetarian food is allowed here.

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