Bars and Cafes in Bhadrachalam

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Bars and Cafes

This fascinating and highly traditional pilgrim town in India not only offers great spiritual insights and historical interest but a pleasurable if low-key bar and cafe scene. Bhadrachalam is served by a main road where all the hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants are generally situated so it's easy enough to find your way around.

Internet Cafes

The first category of cafes are internet cafes, and there are a few very efficient ones in this part of the world. Friends Net 4 U is situated in the Hotel Rattan Complex opposite the bus stand while BCM Net (charging 20 rupees per hour) is also positioned nearby.

A Picturesque Experience

For a more picturesque experience, you can dine in the cafe on the steam boat across the River Godovari. They serve breakfast, dinner, drinks and snacks and you can really enjoy the sight of Perantapally, the shrine of the deity Krishna. This is a truly unique way to eat and drink that is unmatched elsewhere in India or even the world.

Drinking After Hours

As is the case with other parts of India, anything approaching nightlife (whether this is the consumption of alcohol or nightclubbing) takes place in hotels after hours. Sita Nilyam, one of the best hotels in Bhadrachalam, serves a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including India's famous Kingfisher beer, a very popular and internationally-available tipple. You can also find food and drink in the various other hotels situated near this one, such as Hotel Ratan (which has 24 hour rooms service and serves classic Indian cuisine such as huge 'thalis' in its pleasant restaurant) and Hotel Gudavari just up the road. Hotel Ratan is also conveniently close to the most famous temple in the area, Sri Sitaramachandra, one of the holiest places in the Hindu religion, attracting thousands of pilgrims from all over India each year.

Street Food and Drink

Aside from this there are plenty of street food and drink stalls where you can buy local snacks and drinks such as very milky, sweet, spicy tea 'chai'. The local conversation and enthusiasm at places like this are usually great and the friendliness far better than the backpackers' trail simply because people from all social backgrounds in India love to talk to Westerners, asking them about their home countries, their views on India and the travels they have completed. Although these eateries may appear to be somewhat unhygienic, the ingredients are usually cooked fresh in front of your eyes which makes the food safe to eat.

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