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Easily accessible from Tirupati, this is a religious centre in Andhra Pradesh, situated 480km from Hyderabad and 200Km north of Bangalore, with some of the finest temple architecture and paintings. The famous Veerabhadra temple, built in  the Vijayanagar style, is here.It is divided into three parts - the Mukha Mantapa, (also called Nitya Mantapa or Ranga Mantapa), the Artha Mantapa and Garbha Griha, and the Kalyana Mantapa, with 38 carved monolithic pillars in grey sandstone, is unfinished.

As per local legend Lord Shiva and Parvati were married on the spot where the Kalyana Mantapa stands. To the south of the main shrine is a huge Nagalingam, standing on a granite block, shrouded by a seven headed cobra, magnificently carved out of rock.

The monolithic Nandi near the Veerabhadra temple is another remarkable feature. Carved out  of a single rock, 4.5m high and 8.23m long, this Nandi is executed in beautifully life like detail.

Important places to visit in ananthapur district are Lepakshi (temples), Penukonda (forts and temples), Kadiri (temples), Timmamma marrimanu (famous banyan tree which occupies 5acre land), Penna ahobilam (temples), Penakacherla Dam, Kalyana durgam & Rayadurgam (forts), Hemavathi (temples), Tadipatri(temples), Chilamattur(birds), Puttaparthi(Sri Sri Sri Bhagavan Satya Sai Baba), Gooty (fort), Kasapuram Anjaneya Swamy near Guntakal and many more.


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