Andhra Pradesh Travel Guide

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Vizag Beach

Vizag Beach

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Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest state of India, irrigated by the Godavari rivers and is aptly termed the Rice Granary of India. Muslim rule paved the way for Urdu as well, but the main language of communication remains Telugu. Andhra Pradesh sometimes appears as a dry area, both that does not have to offer that many sights for travellers. However, if you set off for the capital of the state Hyderabad, you’ll most definitely be rewarded. The city has a dualistic character and whether you visit markets and shops, sights or public buildings, you’ll always face the dualistic melange of Hindu culture on the one hand and Muslim culture on the other hand.

The area is also known because of its nomadic tribes, the Lambadis and Banjaras. These tribes can be spotted all around the area and are especially known for their brightly coloured skirts and the silver jewellery they sell. This fits in with the idea of Andhra Pradesh as the melting pot of various handicrafts. The craftsmen of Andhra have contributed greatly. Take for instance the Kalamkari vegetable dyed textiles, the Pochamapalli silks and the Hyderabad pearls. Besides that, it’s a must to see a performance of ‘Kuchipudi’, the classical dance form originating from the state. It has a vigorous choreography and is somewhat akin to Bharatanatyam.

Once you've visited the major cities, such as Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Waltair, it would be a shame to rush off to one of the other states, missing out on the little villages, the interesting temple-complex of Tirumala, the Colgonda Fort and the Quatab Shahi tombs.

And when you want to catch your breath again after a long day of travelling, you’ve hit the right area. Andhra Pradesh offers a rich palate to the gourmet. Hyderabadi Muslims, fastidious in their culinary art, specialise in authentic recipes that have survived throughout centuries. Their biryanis, kababs and chicken delicacies bring the water to your mouth.

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