Sights in Andaman and nicobar islands

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands Sights offer a rare spectrum of tourist attractions ranging from active volcanoes to almost extinct aborigines. These islands will surely make your trip a wholesome one.

Cellular Jail

Located at Aberdeen near Port Blair, the Cellular Jail is one of the main attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It stands as a symbol of the sacrifice Indian freedom fighters made to earn independence for India. The construction of the prison took 14 long years to finally complete in 1910. The jail had 698 cells, all of which were a little coop of about 4.5 meters x 2.7 meters in size. Each cell had only one ventilator located 3 meters from the ground. Therefore, no inmates could ever see or communicate with anyone. Today, if you visit the jail, you can view the cells, the execution room, the place where the prisoners were brutally tortured and also the shed where the prisoners worked day and night. A light and sound show takes place once at 6 pm and again at 7:15 pm daily. It features the atrocities and barbarism committed against the freedom fighters.

Andaman Water Sports Complex

Andaman Water Sports Complex situated at Port Blair is another exciting attraction that sees a huge influx of tourists. It offers a wide range of water sport activities like rowing boats, kayaks, aqua-cycle, paddle boats, aqua-glide, water skiing, Gemini boats, bumper boats, water scooters, parasailing, speed boats and more. There is also a big Food Plaza where you can have some refreshment. It's an ideal spot to spend a day frolicking and having fun with your family.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island is one of the most popular sites in Andaman. Here you can sunbathe, scuba dive, hike, snorkel, surf, beachcomb and swim. The island is blessed with fascinating white sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs. Lined with an array of palm trees and dense forests, the beaches have picture-postcard beauty. The two most visited beaches are Radhanagar and Elephant Beach. There are plenty of gourmet eateries near by the beaches, offering delicious local cuisine as well continental delicacies.

Barren Island

Located 135 km east of Port Blair, Barren Island is an interesting tourist destination, as the island is home to the only active volcano in South East Asia. The last major volcanic eruption happened here in 1994. Since then it has witnessed several minor volcanic eruptions, the latest being in 2009. The island is uninhabited by human beings. However, it is a natural habitat for one kind of wild goats which add to the further mystery of the island.

Jarwa Reserve

Jarwa is an aboriginal race of Andaman still existing in the dense forests. The Indian Government has taken special care to protect the race from extinction. Only 200 in number, the race faces a major threat from tourists as well as encroachers. Outsiders expose them to diseases against which they have no immunity. If you go along the road leading to the reserve, you may spot some members of the tribe.

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